Cable King

Yale Cable King hoists have a well-deserved reputation for superior performance, low maintenance, and longevity in heavy-duty applications. The Cable King hoist is the result of years of engineering that builds on time tested design elements that have proven so successful in the past. When you buy a Cable King hoist, you buy it with confidence that it will be on the fob for a long time to come.

  • Single and Double Reeved.
  • Monorail, Deck Mount, Base Mount, Top Running, Double Girder
  • Operate with all trolley suspensions.
  • Winch, deck-mount, top-running configurations.
  • Hazardous duty, explosion-proof modifications available.
  • Full line of accessories.

    Cable King Brochure

    Please contact us for more information and to order Cable King hoists.

    Phone: 1-866-427-7184
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